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Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Mondova title


Whether you are interested in researching your Jewish roots in Ukraine and Moldova (formerly Bessarabia) or merely wish to
learn -- and see -- more about the Jewish past and present,
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova illuminates the Old Country as no other book has done. Produced by an American genealogist renowned for her expertise in Eastern European archives, this book is the result of eight years of intense effort and countless trips overseas.

A combination reference book, travel guide, Holocaust book and genealogical handbook, Miriam Weiner's
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova is a unique publication that could not even have been attempted before the collapse of communism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova cover
ISBN: 0-9656508-1-2
(600 pages, 960 color photographs,
20 color maps, 115 document examples)
Publication date: August, 1999

With its archival inventories representing 1,400 shetls and towns, this book effectively puts to rest the once widely-held belief that virtually all documents pertaining to Jews in these countries had been destroyed during the Holocaust. These archives became accessible to the public for genealogy research only after Ukraine and Moldova declared independence in 1991.

Here, listed for the first time in English, are precise inventories of the vast Jewish materials in the archives of Ukraine and Moldova, presented with the full cooperation and blessings of Ukrainian and Moldovan archivists.

Of extraordinary value for Jewish genealogists,
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova is also a superlative travel guide, with 1,200 photographs, maps, and document examples, including many rare antique postcards.

The chapters on towns and cities highlight 189 places in Ukraine and Moldova. They include such important Jewish centers as Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, and Kishinev; and lesser-known places such as Nemirov, Sudilkov, Soroki and Priluki. The sections entitled "The People and the Places" and "Town Clips" offer many more photographs of Jewish life, past and present.

The Holocaust chapter includes poignant photographs of memorials to the victimes of the Nazis in cities, towns and villages all over Ukraine and Moldova, along with detailed maps and accompanying text.

Some photographs are pre-World War I, and some were taken just a few months ago. More than 900 of the photographs are in full color, as are all 20 maps.

Along with the reproductions of Jewish documents and family records,
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova, like its predecessor volume, Jewish Roots in Poland, is an exceptional resource as well as a poignant memorial album of unsurpassed quality and stunning visual impact.

(Text from the book jacket.)

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