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The Routes to Roots Foundation is staffed by one volunteer, Miriam Weiner,
who has worked in the archives of Poland and the former Soviet Union since
1989. The activities of the Foundation have been supported solely by
contributions from those who believe in the importance of these projects.

The Routes to Roots Foundation was established in 1994 with the
following goals:

Survey, study, research, inventory and document Jewish material, archives and Judaica in Eastern European archives
Foster and promote the study and preservation of Jewish genealogical material
Assemble, catalogue, publish and disseminate information from research and study of Jewish materials
Compile, maintain and update library and/or archive of collections of Jewish historical, cultural and genealogical information
Sponsor educational lectures and seminars.

Board of Directors, Routes to Roots Foundation, Inc.

Alan M. Fortunoff z"l
Evelyn L. Greer
Harvey M. Krueger z"l
Jill Sagarin
Miriam Weiner

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