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Note - even if you know the correct contemporary spelling of your ancestral town name, it is strongly recommended that you do a “Begins With” Search in order to identify additional documents recorded on region or district levels.

The Archive Database consists of a town-by-town listing of surviving Jewish and civil records for towns in Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Lithuania and Poland (and districts/regions formerly known as Galicia, Bukovina, Bessarabia, Silesia, Austro-Hungarian Empire and White Russia). The document information was collected over a twenty-year period in official cooperation with archivists in the foregoing countries. The archive database is updated on a regular basis and is accessible by town name or district name.

See the list of administrative districts for the above countries.

The database lists the types of documents known to have survived multiple wars and changing borders, including: army/recruit lists, Jewish vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce records), family lists and census records (revisky skazkie), voter and tax lists, immigration documents, Holocaust material, property and notary records, police files and pogrom documents; school records and occupation lists, local government and hospital records.

See the 25 different types of record groups

The Archive Database will tell you, for example, if birth records for a particular town are known to exist, with the following information:

  • What years are available
  • Name of archive where the documents are located (could be several different archives in multiple countries)
  • Country, district and region of the town/locality
  • Archive file numbers

Researching the Documents Listed in the Database

Accessing the Material in the Archives

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