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Jewish Roots in Poland
Jewish Roots in Ukraine and Moldova

Dedicated to the preservation of the East European Jewish heritage since its founding in 1925, YIVO has become the world's preeminent research institute and academic center for East European Jewish studies. Each year, hundreds of scholars, students, writers, filmmakers, artists, performers, historians, genealogists and biographers from around the world call upon YIVO to assist in their research. Over 4,000 persons per year visit the YIVO reading room; the YIVO staff fields more than 7,000 telephone and fax queries annually. Devoted to the history, society and culture of Ashkenazic Jewry, and to the influence of that culture as it developed in the Americas, YIVO's work is crucial to understanding the Eastern European roots of the contemporary Jewish experience. YIVO Institute is located at the Center for Jewish History, along with the American Jewish Historical Society, American Sephardi Federation, Leo Baeck Institute and Jeshiva University Museum.

Center for Jewish History Reading Room

Reading Room at the Center for Jewish History, 2000.

YIVO scholars and directors

A historic day in 1995: YIVO scholars and directors in New York welcome home archival treasures from Lithuania thought to have been lost during the Holocaust.
Archive stacks of YIVO Institute in Vilna, 1930 The archive stacks of YIVO Institute in Vilna, 1930.
From left: Dr. I. Gordon, unidentified, and M. Edelson.

Photo credits: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

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