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The Routes to Roots Foundation works in the archives of Poland and the former Soviet Union. The primary focus of the archival work is the inventory, computerization and publication of the surviving Jewish records as well as civil records, listed in a town-by-town format. This work is being done with the official cooperation of the state archives within each country. Additionally, we visit cities and towns throughout these countries photographing remaining Jewish sites and interviewing local residents and government officials. Occasionally, we discover Judaica in local museums and private homes.

Ukrainian family in Korolovka

The above Torah was located in the home of a Ukrainian family in Korolovka who had been given the Torah for safe-keeping during World War II. At the time of our visit in
1994, the family was still waiting for their Jewish neighbor to come back
and claim it.
Miriam Weiner and Larisa Sergeivna Mazurenko Miriam Weiner, right and Larisa Sergeivna Mazurenko, director of a museum in Ostrog, Ukraine examine a list of Jewish students in the Ostrog school, one of many Jewish documents in an extensive collection, 1993.

Photo credits: 1 Miriam Weiner; 2 Vitaly Chumak

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