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The following database was created by Miriam Weiner (Routes to Roots Foundation) from archival data collected and printed in 1997 by A.N. Kruglov (a historian from Kharkov). The 90-page stapled booklet is entitled “Murder of the Jewish Population in Vinnitsa Oblast in 1941-1944.” The information and data comes from archives and publications throughout the former Soviet Union.

The killings occurred between 1941-1944 in Yaruga and also in the following localities:
Babi Yar (Kiev), Bar, Tulchin, Tiraspol, Yaryshev, Skazentsy, Chernovets, Borovka, Voronovtsy, Dovzhok, Yampol, Odessa, Simferopol, Babchentsy, Moevka, Kamenets Podolskiy, Pechora and Murovanyye Kurilovtsy.

During the above dates, 100 Jews were murdered.

Data Included for Each Person
Each entry includes the first and last name of the victim, the date of death and the location where the person died. Some entries include the name of the victim’s father.