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The following index was created by Miriam Weiner (Routes to Roots Foundation) from a book originally located in the local branch archive in Priluki, Ukraine. The archive was closed some years ago and all books were moved to the Oblast Archive in Chernigov.

The book consists of a comprehensive (and virtually complete) census/family list of every Jewish family living in Priluki in the late 1800s. The original book was created in 1889 and during the following 29 years, births, deaths and other data was added to existing entries – often squeezed between lines, making the original entry difficult to read and understand. Also, new entries were created as children grew up, married and began their own families.

Each entry in the original book includes the following information:

Access to Documents:
Contact the Oblast Archive in Chernigov, Ukraine and request research services.

OR contact Miriam Weiner:

Document Example / The Odnopozov Family of Priluki, Ukraine

Males on the left side

Males on the left side                         Females on the right side

The above Family List (document) from the town of Priluki, Ukraine consists of two side-by-side pages (and often multiple pages if it is a large family). The above document includes 41 family members dating back to Yankel-Isak Odnopozov born c. 1800 and comes forward six generations to the youngest family member: Leizor Odnopozov (the great-great-grandson of Yankel-Isak). Although the original family list was compiled in 1889, additional data was added as various births occurred.