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ODESSA, UKRAINE / 1894-1918

The following database was created by Miriam Weiner (Routes to Roots Foundation) pursuant to a signed agreement between the State Archives of Odessa Oblast and the RTR Foundation. The database includes a list of surnames from an archival collection entitled Odessa Board for Small Business, Jewish Section, 1894-1918. This alphabetical name index includes 4,505 heads of Jewish families that had a status of Odessa Meshchanin (petty bourgeois). The actual documents (in the archives) include address locations and names/ages of family members.

Odessa Gortenberg

Odessa Board for Small Business, Jewish Section
Fond 359, Opis 1, Delo 3, Page 66
Document 819, Family List #289, 1599
December 7, 1893

Document Translation:

The family of Yankel Gartenberg, a petit-bourgeois of the Jewish Community, residing in Odessa in House #54 Kanatnaya street, with the Kolochkover Family.
Yankel Gartenberg, age 61, son of Solomon
Yankel’s son, Solomon (from first wife), age 35, enlisted as a reservist in the military in 1880
Yankel’s son, Vigdor (from second wife), born 3 Dec 1880.
Vigdor applied for assignment to the 2nd Recruitment District in Odessa on April 29, 1900.
Assigned in 1901 under No. 651/900.
Yankel’s wife #2, Rozalia, age 61
Yankel’s daughter from second marriage: Clara (born Esfir [Ester]), born September 14, 1876

Document Access

If the researcher locates a document of interest and wishes to request a photo copy of the document (or documents), they may contact the archive directly at and inquire about costs and payment procedure. It is recommended that you keep your inquiry brief and it is essential that you provide the following information, (No. 2-4 are included in the database):

It should be noted that the name index was previously published (in the Russian language) in a book entitled The Jews of Odessa and Southern Ukraine: The History in Documents (end of XVIII-Beginning of XX Century) published in Odessa in 2002, jointly by the Odessa Oblast Archives and “Migdal” (Jewish Community in Odessa). Permission to translation the name index into English and place on the RTR Foundation website is pursuant to the above-referenced agreement between the Odessa Oblast Archives and the RTR Foundation.