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The following database was created by Miriam Weiner (Routes to Roots Foundation) pursuant to a signed agreement between the State Archives of Cherkassy Oblast and the RTR Foundation. The database includes a list of surnames from an archival collection entitled Reviskaya Skaskya (list of inhabitants), Jewish Community of Town of Cherkassy, 1858. This database includes:

The actual documents (in the archives) include the entire family enumerated with names and ages of family members along with relationship of each person to the head of household. Some documents have more than 20 family members listed within a single document.

Translation Example

Cherkassy Oblast Archives
Kiev Guberniya / Town of Cherkassy
List of Inhabitants / 1858
Fond P285, Opis 1, Delo 8

Revision No.9Revision #10NameAge on earlier revision (1850)Age on current revistion (1858)
159149Avrum Chervinskiy, son of Moshko59died 1855
Avrum’s son #1, Ios2634
Ios’ son #1, SrulNot born4
Avrum’s son #2, Chaim11To army in 1855
Avrum’s son #3, Ginakh1321
Avrum’s son #4, Zelman1724
Ios’ wife, Ruchlya34
Ios’ daughter #1, Chana10
Ios’ daughter #2, Ester7
Ios’ daughter #3, Menya2
Ginakh’s wife, Fruma21
Ginakh’s daughter, Sura1
Zelman’s wife, Chaya25
Zelman’s daughter, Branya2

Document Access

If the researcher locates a document of interest and wishes to request a photo copy of the document (or documents), they may contact the archive directly at and inquire about costs and payment procedure. It is recommended that you keep your inquiry brief (apparently no one speaks English in this archive) and it is essential that you provide the following information (No. 2-3 are included in the database):