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I would like to congratulate and thank Miriam for an outstanding contribution to facilitating and expanding the complex areas of archival research in Eastern Europe. She first told us about the concept at the London 2001 IAJGS Conference, and I, for one, certainly did not expect anything as user friendly and as detailed as this.
Once again, thanks.
Saul Issroff, Conference Chairman
2001 IAJGS Conference in London

I want to congratulate you on an outstanding and quite extraordinary effort. This is a research tool that will enhance the research opportunities for everyone interested in researching their roots.

I can see that you have invested an incredible amount of time and effort to make this very important piece of the puzzle available. No doubt, we will be referring many people to the site on an ongoing basis.
Susan King, founder of website
Houston, Texas

Every time I look over your RTR site, I am agog! It's amazing!! You emphatically deserve your Lifetime Award. It's the most comprehensive and attractive site on the web, and invaluable to those researching Eastern Europe.
Florence Elman, Moderator, Ukraine SIG Group

Everything seems to work well and, of course, it is meticulously done. I will forward your e-mail to the staff here.
Pearl Berger, Chief Librarian, Yeshiva University

Congratulations! It is a beautiful web site. May I publicize it to Hasafran, bulletin of the Association of Jewish Libraries?
Aviva Astrinsky, Librarian, YIVO Institute

It's great: very attractive form and - I can imagine - very useful - for many, many people interested in their distant roots and historians. Congratulations!
Dariusz Jadowski
Polish Ambassador to Washington, DC

I was very pleased to see the website yesterday. The amount of data you have is amazing
Edward Rosenbaum, Belarus SIG Group

The website is so impressive and will make research so much easier! I commend you! I found it relatively straightforward and easy to use. You deserve major accolades for this.
Rachel Fisher, director
Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish History

I think it is an excellent and attractive site, really a mammoth undertaking, well done.
Kahlile Mehr
Collection Develop Specialist/
International Collection Development
Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT

This is excellent!!! I have already found useful information.
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!  
And it looks good.
Peter Jassem, Chairman
2002 IAJGS conference in Toronto

What a long way you have come! I thought that there was nothing else you
could do to make me sit up and take notice.......... but you never cease to
amaze me. I just moderated the UkraineSig and sent out your letter. Have already visited your beautiful site and just wanted to say "Hooray" to you. Thanks for making everyone's search a little easier. You still are a Special Lady.
Freya Maslov, moderator,
Ukraine SIG group, Chicago, IL

It looks terrific. I played with it for a bit and it is very easy to navigate, even for a duffer like me. Can I send the information on to the AHO listserv, or do you want to do it?
William Shulman, director
Association of Holocaust Organizations

Bravo! I have shared your new website with the entire YIVO staff.
Carl Rheins, director, YIVO Institute, New York

I've already started spreading the word! It's a great resource, and a lot of people are going to thank you!
William Fred Hoffman, editor of Rodziny
manager of Language and Lineage Press

Thank you for your wonderful website, which was forwarded to me by Jean Rosenbaum. It is so interesting and helpful, and deals with two main areas of my family, Ukraine (formerly Galicia), and Lithuania. I know it is going to be so helpful.
Susan Farb, Dallas, TX

Visited your RTR Foundation web site and found it to be a fabulous resource. Thanks a lot
Alan Weiser

I saw your announcement yesterday and went directly to your website. Not only is the material so very useful, but the site is just designed so well. I wish it were so easy to navigate other sites. You and your team must have really put a lot of work into this. I know your heart and soul are in both the books and now the website.
Mark Halpern, co-coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing Project-Poland

You did a GREAT job! Thank you so much!
Anita Berk

What you have accomplished with this website is absolutely SPECTACULAR and you should be getting messages of congratulations and thanks from researchers all over the world!
Carol Skydell, vice-president, Jewishgen, Inc.

I want to thank you for all this work you have done. Actually a small thank you is not enough. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated by generations of Jews. Your ancestors must be looking down from heaven and blessing you for this.
Elaine Cohen, Los Angeles

WOW - what a generous contribution to researchers everywhere.
Thank you.
Sylvia Furshman Nusinov

Congratulations with the database. It is a really wonderful and great
achievement, for which I - together with the rest of the Jewish
genealogists, I am sure - thank you.
Elsebeth Paikin, Coordinator, DenmarkSIG Group

Thank you so much for this wonderful resource.
Nancy Siegel, San Francisco

Congratulations on an incredible website!! And thank you for giving me access to all this wealth of information, for many places well beyond what appears in your books. Bless you.
Lancy Spalter, Kfar Tavor, Israel

Congratulations and many thanks for your latest great contribution to Eastern European genealogical research!
Edward Goldstein, editor, Galitzianer

I received notice of the Eastern European Archival Database from Gary Mokotoff's Nu? What's Nu? on-line newsletter, and then I saw your post on JewishGen digest. It was suggested that the Introduction and other pages be read before searching the database. All I can say is "WOW" It is overwhelming! Don't know if you will receive other messages of "Thanks", but "Thanks" does not even begin to cover it all! I have not even started to search the database as I am still reading the preliminary pages. It is an emotional experience realizing all that has gone into *your* research over the years, all that had to be done to put this online. How can anyone ever thank you enough! !
Thank you.
Adelle Weintraub Gloger, Shaker Hts., Ohio

Your new website was referred to me by the librarian at our childrens' Schechter school in New Milford! It looks terrific and is a major contribution to genealogy. Good to see that you are still pushing the envelope. Here is a success that I attribute entirely to your teaching me to look in the most obscure places for leads….
Adam Brown, New Jersey

Congratulations on a beautiful, informative and much needed website. Especially for those of us who are veteran researchers – this will provide information about material in other countries’ archives in which we may not have thought to search. Whoever designed and implemented the site deserves a hearty Yasher Koach. If he/she wants to volunteer to help out JRI-Poland, we wouldn't say no! (grin)
Stanley Diamond, coordinator
Jewish Records Indexing-Poland Project
Montreal, Canada

Congratulations. It is unbelivable!
Karen Franklin, archivist, Leo Baeck Institute

Fantastic site!!
Rabbi Michael Schudrich, Chief Rabbi
Warsaw, Poland

This database is awesome. The amount of work and devotion you have given over the years to accumulating this information and now-- to give it freely to the Jewish genealogical community is absolutely magnanimous on your part. I have both of your books and was patiently looking forward to your work on Belarus-- but this is unbelievable and wonderful. I have just had a little time to begin exploring, but am already impressed.
Gladys Paulin, Winter Springs, Florida

For the past decade, I've had the privilege of witnessing your achievements as a lecturer, newspaper and magazine columnist, author, genealogical tour director and award winner. Each of your accomplishments has eclipsed your former achievements. When I first reviewed your website several months ago, it became evident to me that this was your greatest achievement to date. I join with other members of the Jewish genealogical community in congratulating you for your ground-breaking website.
Leonard Markowitz, President
Jewish Genealogy Society of Philadelphia

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