Exact Match Search - Name must match letter for letter.

BMPM Soundex Search - Beider-Morse Phonetic Name Matching System is an algorithm developed by Alexander Beider and Stephen P. Morse to enable the searching of a list for names that are phonetically equivalent to the desired name. It is similar to a soundex search in that an exact spelling is not required. However unlike soundex, it does not generate a large quantity of false hits.

From the spelling of the name, an attempt is made to determine the language. Phonetic rules for that particular language are then applied to transliterate the name into a phonetic alphabet. If the original language cannot be deteremined with a fair degree of certainty, generic phonetic rules are applied.

D-M Soundex Search - If you are not sure of spelling of the name, try using the Daitch-Mokotoff soundex option which will provide a list of names that sound like the name you are seeking. For example, "SZCZUCIN", "SZCZECIN" and "SHCHUCHIN" would all be offered as search option if you enter the name as "SZCZECIN".